Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bargain High Quality Paintings

Michelle Linger, proprietor of MilModa Art, has a new concept for displaying the work of her high quality, national and international artists. MilModa Art is located on a business park rather than the high street, which is why they are able to offer our clients bond street high quality, one of a kind Contemporary Paintings by sought after artists at Bargain prices. Prices range from £150 - £3000. They never use publishing houses and all works come with a certificate of authenticity.

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 Michelle is well known has nurtured the career of many artists, more recently that of Margaret Ransome, whose works travelled with MilModa to be exhibited at the prestigious Landmark Art Fair in London where she sold her new pieces.

As well as having a great eye for picking up raw talent, Michelle has just opened a new Gallery showroom on the Wirral. This differs from a high street gallery, as it’s a showroom gallery where it is flexible for people to choose what they would like to see up on the white wall space, since having a rigid space is very restricting.

Michelle comments “The idea of this flexible exhibition showroom/space is for clients to pick paintings and view their choice on the wall. The interior space is a white cube wall giving visitors the option to bring their own fabric, colours or wallpaper along to coordinate with their chosen pictures. She continues “Many artists and clients consider that if we can show the paintings in a more relaxed atmosphere more like they would be in the home environment, people new to art appreciation would be more comfortable looking at artists’ works and would not feel so intimidated and be more comfortable around them”.

MilModa Art Gallery Showroom, 
Suite S4B (2nd Floor) 
Oaklands Business Centre, 
Oaklands Office Park 
Cheshire CH66 7NZ

We are located of Motorway M53 J5

Friday 13:30 - 17:30
Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
(View by appointment Mon-Thurs & Sun)

Telephone: 07710 078 845 
Twitter: Milmoda

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